Why do some people like horror movies?

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How is it that the human being can like to be afraid? Perhaps there is no real answer, and can not we really know why so many people enjoy when they are afraid. However, in this article, we will still try to determine the origin of this particular emotion, often enemy and sometimes necessary.

The pleasure of controlled fear

First, let’s look at the testimony of sociologist Margee Kerr, who also works in an attraction called the House of Terror in Pittsburgh, USA. According to her, the secret controls.


But what does Kerr refer to when she talks about control? The answer is simple: as long as the human brain experiences fear in an environment free of danger, the physiological response can be really fun , hence the pleasure that can be felt in these situations.

On the other hand, Kerr adds that overcoming a situation that has caused great stress to our brain gives rise to an increase in self-confidence and an enviable positive feeling; a cocktail of emotions that allows our brain to benefit from negative facts.

Fear, what is it really?

Do we really know what fear is? A commonly accepted psychological current explains that it is a series of emotions related to a psychological process signaling possible dangers, stress, as well as particularly negative situations. Solarmovie a leading role

In reality, it is a series of systems that are activated at the physiological and behavioral levels in a concrete sense after having quickly assessed a singular situation as threatening. At first glance, our brain is already aware of the kind of fear that has awakened in us.

Of course, if our brain interprets the type of fear we face as a controlled situation, this can be of benefit to us. In other words, a controlled situation can be a horror movie, an attraction in a carnival, a party such as Halloween, etc.

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