Qualities of a good CEO as Shubhodeep Prasanta Das

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A position of a CEO brings lots of responsibilities as becoming a CEO takes you to a position where you have to focus on every task of the organization. If you do a common job that means you are answerable for that particular job but the CEO is responsible for the whole organization’s work altogether. Becoming a CEO of an organization states you need to improve at every step and area. A CEO with the right behavior can take a company to different heights. Focus on your qualities to become a great CEO like Shubhodeep Prasanta Das.

Motivate your employees

Hiring managers and providing them with guidance doesn’t complete your job over here, you need to take steps to direct your employees by connecting to them. Be lenient where it is necessary, at the start of their job employees can’t complete their job within the deadline, and they need some time to understand the objectives and work criteria of the company. Support your employees at this stage to make them comfortable in the work employment of your organization. Once they will get settled, they are more likely to contribute their maximum efforts to the organization’s objectives.

Appreciation and promotion

Ignoring talented employees can be the reason your business drowns. Some employees start working with their full potential to get the recognition, respect, and promotion they deserve. But after continuous hard work and contribution to the team, they didn’t get any salary increase or promotion or any kind of bonuses. This can lead other companies to take that hard-working employee from you. That is a complete loss of your valuable asset. Respect your employees as they are the ones working for achieving your goals and it’s your responsibility to complete their expectations from your organization.

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