What is bitcoin? Is it safe to invest in bit coins? some keys

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Have you ever thought about investing in bitcoins? The news about the bit coin’s price against the euro or the dollar is happening at the same pace as doubts about this virtual currency increase. How does it work? Is it safe? We solve these and other questions clearly and succinctly.

Keep them out of the network

  • This is one of the most complex processes but it can add a very large layer of security.
  • The idea is simple: If it is necessary to avoid that nobody can steal my private keys, I will store them in a place disconnected from the internet.
  • For this we can differentiate into 3 types of storing the keys:
  • Paper wallets: Consists of printing the key on one or more papers and storing them in safe places.
  • See the chapter dedicated to the paper wallet.
  • Keep in mind 1 bitcoin the process of creating this wallet on paper, because if you use a device connected to the network or that could be infected your bit coins may disappear.

    Brain wallets: Memorize the private key. For this purpose, mnemonic keys used in HD type purses can be used.

online bettingRemember that we are not machines and the human being forgets, so be careful with this.

  • Keep in mind the process of creating these words, because if you use a device connected to the network or that could be infected your bitcoins may disappear.
  • Hardware: They are physical devices that store your keys and never leave them. To do this they connect via USB / OTG and your wallet passes the transaction to the device to sign with the private key.
  • They are one of the best options for this type of process.
  • They are expensive.
  • You can do the same, but with extra work, using another computer disconnected from the internet through what is known as ” offline transactions “:
  • You create a new transaction on a computer connected to the Internet and with the Bitcoin wallet.

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