Check the UV technology benefits for your pond

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Maintaining your pond water clear and healthy appears to be a lot of work. You can use chemical products, but they are not safe for your fish or plants. So, how can you sanitize the water properly without making it feel like a chore? UV technology is the finest choice. UV light sterilizes water and destroys free-floating algae. The purifying process occurs automatically and continually disinfects without the need for particular attention or the overdose of hazardous chemicals. UV sterilizers will help a fresh pond to reach equilibrium faster. It will also help to swiftly re-balance an existing pond. The uvc lamp procedure is cost-effective, with hundreds of liters filtered for every cent spent.

The water containing germs or algae is exposed to some wavelength when it passes over the bulb. Once light enters the bacteria or algae, it mutates the DNA, stopping the organism from growing or reproducing. Bacteria-free water inhibits microorganisms from growing or spreading without creating by-products that are hazardous to marine life.

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Don’t worry, because not all of the water will travel through the uvc lamp in one circulation, UV pond filters will not kill fish or beneficial microorganisms. Even though the UV filter will perform an excellent job, a biological filter is still required. The biological filter will break down the ammonia generated by fish as well as the dead organics destroyed by the UV technology, such as algae. The biological filter and liner will supply beneficial bacteria that your pond needs to keep its ecology healthy.

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