How much can you earn through Neobux?

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There are different task available on the site and doing one of these you can earn a huge amount

Starting with viewing advertisements for money. One can view a great number of advertisement each day. The advertisements don’t really involve any vulgar content.

Neobux has made a red button system in which each advertisement finds different dot placement. It has to be made sure that a person clicks within the red dot to view an advertisement. This is another way of ensuring no bot malfunctions the advertisement zone. It is however impossible to open multiple advertisements at a single time using one account. If you are opening multiple advertisements you will be inviting errors with pay-out option. To begin surveys one must qualify for the survey first. It usually takes 10 minutes and one will be eligible to watch the advertisement and earn money.


This is an easy way and brings more money instantly to the account which appears on the dashboard.

It is difficult to match the qualification for the survey but there is no restriction on the number of times one can try for the same.

If you are choosing to work online you have to take care about professionalism. It is necessary to keep going with the advertisement for completing the surveys. Your dashboard keeps the account of tasks that you have completed on the site and you can then decide your daily limit or monthly limit according to your schedule.

Neobux offers the users to involve testing websites with completing different tasks. If you are using another site that has the exact website running requirement as many sites have the same survey and advertisements.

Any user can request for payment once they have reached a maximum of $2.00

There is no option to use PayPal here so, a user has to create an account using a different site.

Standard and Golden are two different accounts and if one has completed 50 advertisements you can upgrade to Golden account and earn a lot more benefits in comparison to Golden account. Spend some hours on the site and earn money.

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