Easy Steps to a Well Organized Wardrobe Closet

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Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, having a well-organized closet will save you a lot of time and stress. There are a variety of ways to organize your storage space. You can hire a professional to help you organize yourself, or you can do it yourself. If you choose to organize yourself, here are eight steps to get you started.

Step # 1 – Wardrobe Elimination Go through every item in your wardrobe and analyze the items you barely wear and the most worn items. Get rid of any items that are damaged or do not fit properly. If you have items that are too big, consider modifying them to fit them. Otherwise, eliminate them from your wardrobe.


Step 2 – DePortable Closettermine What Clothes to Store Rather than stashing your bulky winter clothes (sweaters and coats) at the cleaners, you can set up a storage cabinet in your portable closet or store them in waterproof wardrobe boxes. You can also use this same method to tidy up your light summer wardrobe.

Step # 3 – Organize all of the hanging clothes by color and type. For example, you can store dress shirts by color and length.

Step # 4 – Select the correct hanger, rather than having various types of hangers (i.e., plastic, wire, or wood). By choosing a hanger, your closet will appear more organized.

Step # 5 – Create three wardrobe zones. Use a higher shelf for all your seasonal sweaters and shoes. Then use a low rod to hold up your skirts and tops. Use a high bar for suits and dress shirts. Companies like California Closets that provide closet organization in Stamford, CT, are the perfect place to start. They offer a variety of closet solutions.

Step # 6 – Layout all of the folded clothes. Avoid placing sweaters or stretch fabrics on a hanger. Instead, fold them on hangers. If you decide to place folded clothes on a shelf, be sure to place larger pieces at the bottom of the stack and lighter clothes on top. You can also organize your clothes by color and function (sportswear, workwear, etc.).

Step # 7 – Buy a garment bag. If you have any leather items, be sure to store them in a sturdy canvas garment bag to avoid drying out or cracking.

Step # 8 – Decide what clothes not to hang. Items such as socks, lingerie, underwear, and accessories should be placed in matching containers. You

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