Cleanhomeguide Can Save You From Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a problem. It is not something that you should be neglecting instead you should take this seriously. The presence of bed bugs in your rooms is no joke. The bed bugs are present in every house of the US and they do not care about the climate or their living conditions.

These parasites can survive for three months (average) without any food however their favorite meal is human blood and after they get their meal they can lay 1 to 5 eggs each day and no you do not want this. You do not want to live with a family of bed bugs feasting on you. People generally think that bed bugs are found in hotels and motels but unfortunately, the highest rate of bed bugs is found in private homes. You should get rid of them as soon as possible and we have news for you,  is here with solutions.

How they look and how to get rid of them?

They look like any parasites that feed on a mammal’s body. The nearest comparison is an apple seed when the bed bugs are fully grown. However, newborn bed bugs are microscopic and hence can easily go in between the stitches of your pillow covers or bedsheets.


People generally don’t notice them, it is the stain of their feces and the sensation of their bites that catches people’s attention.

Now, comes the part of getting rid of them. They are pretty resistant to most of the household chemicals so you have to put an extra effort to get rid of them. Yes, exterminators are a very good idea but they are really expensive so you are left with another option, steam cleaners and  has the perfect list to guide you in purchasing the best steam cleaners. You should check them out they will give you a clear idea.

Our steam cleaners of any good?

Yes, they are really helpful when it comes to getting rid of these sly bugs but you have to use the steam cleaners exactly as it is instructed and have patience.


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