Why Use Cam Locks Instead Of Normal Locks?

Cam Lock is one of the most widely recognized, all-inclusive locks available. They are mostly utilized on furnishings and lockable cupboards, including bureau entryways, storage entryways, cash boxes, and cabinet units. Understand the structure and benefits of cam locks.

cam locks

Structure of cam locks

They include a barrel that is, as a rule, around 20mm long which is covered up when the lock is being utilized on the different materials referenced. The main actual piece of the lock which is seen when the door is closed will be the part where the key is embedded – a little roundabout raised part of the entryway which pivots as the key is turned.


Cam locks can be produced using different materials; however, one thing continues as before: cam locks are a very intense pick. The pick-safe plan is one of the key advantages of cam locks since it guarantees that criminals cannot get close enough to your cabinet, bureau, or some other space.

Climate Resistant

Because of its turning circle chamber innovation, cam locks will stay safe by the components. These locks proved to be useful on the off chance that you are utilizing a cam lock for something outside. You won’t ever need to stress over the internal activities of the lock eroding or freezing in the cool temperatures.

While it could seem like cam locks are unquestionably mind-boggling and specialized, they are famously simple to introduce. Get one for your doors and cabinets to keep them safer and more secure.

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