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The crypto currency:

          Among all the different crypto currencies that are in use today, the bitcoin is one of the oldest and this is also the most discussed crypto currency as well. When it came into being there were not many people who understood the concept of it leaving alone the value and the exchange rate of it. However, the bitcoin price was felt even when it was introduced and today as well when it is coming to be used by more people within the block chain or the network of the crypto currency users. Since this is the very first crypto currency to come into existence its popularity is also understandable and many countries are slowly recognizing the crypto currency. But it is still going very slow.

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The value changes:

  • The value of the bitcoin has been changing all along and the change has been sometimes to the positive and sometimes it has been going low.
  • During some financial years the value shot up and it went down in certain years.
  • The starting rate of the biotin was obviously very negligible at 0.3USD in the year 1994 and the current rate is around 13000USD which is a very remarkable achievement for the crypto currency and aspects of encouragement for the users.
  • The block chain or the network of bitcoin users have the private transactions and this does not come under the direct control of the banking system and hence an area of curiosity for many.
  • Over the years the bitcoin price has been changing and the trading of the same is also underway as against the different currencies especially the US dollar and the graph makes it very clear and is available on the link given above.

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