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In a mid-annual threat report, Internet security company Sophos warned that Internet crime continues to grow and expand, both in scale and in sophistication. Cybercrime is entering a new era, growing out of a boring hobby, and then a sophisticated enterprise, to make money, to become a global threat to political, industrial and, possibly, ultimately terrorist or military instruments.

This is an application made by Sophos, an Internet security company, in its latest security risk report.Recently, much has been said about the threat of “malware,” dangerous computer code distributed by criminals with the goal of spreading chaos to computer users or stealing personal data for profit.

Cyberwar and Cyber ​​Terror: Recent Threats

sophos partner singapore is currently concluding that monetary gain is no longer the primary driver of cybercrime, as other new and emerging threats pose alarming new dangers to our interconnected and interdependent modern world.

sophos partner singapore

The report said: “There is growing concern that critical infrastructure may be vulnerable to remote capture, unauthorized control and potentially devastating damage as terrorists shift their attention to new areas to spread panic. Governments and political activists seem to see the next major battlefield on the Internet, while legitimate and more determined forms of political protest have found new homes on the Internet.”


The use of piracy has become part of the military arsenal of some countries with small operations conducted against the websites of government agencies and embassies. People still have to see confirmed cases of the operation of basic services such as energy and water supply, traffic control systems or nuclear power plants, although the likelihood of such attacks is certainly a serious problem for all countries.

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