Maths Private Tuition Singapore And Students

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Teacher plays a vital role in life in overcoming problems. From birth to death, so many members will teach us about different situations we have faced. The age from six to twenty-two is the main phase of education in which teachers will teach. Teaching offline gives more interactions with students, and things are taught correctly and effectively.

The world has changed with the covid-19. There are restrictions on people such as no meetings or gatherings allowed, physical contact among us. But with these restrictions, the world must not stop. So, with the internet, we have created many things available within a few minutes of their hands. maths private tuition singapore can reduce financial expenses.

math tutor singapore

Offline v/s Online

The offline teaching will interact more with us, and we will concentrate more on the particular thing when we come online. We will become lazier as everything in the world are available in our hands with the help of the internet. Online will give more practical knowledge whereas online provides information. Students can leave their classes and start enjoying the valuable time which they want to study.


  • Students may feel some loneliness. Which student will not suit in their teamwork in future.
  • Students will stick on more screen time on their mobiles.

There are plus points and downgrades of online learning when used in the higher education. But as technology is advancing, the major concerns have been addressed. The advantages now overpower the disadvantages by a large margin.

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