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            Did you forget it was one of your special someone’s birthday, or you really need a present as quick as possible, but it also need to be thoughtful, but you can’t seem to find anything in the stores? So how will you ever be able to get a gift? Well you can thank the internet and same day parcel delivery in Singapore.

What is this?

            As far as the name goes it is pretty simple to understand. When you order something online that item gets delivered to you on the same exact day. You don’t have to wait weeks and weeks, as your package will arrive in a matter of hours after ordering.

How much does it cost?

            As you know by now delivery services will tend to cost you money, especially if you want the package quickly. Because the longer you wait the lower the amount it is. But if you want same day parcel delivery Singapore you may have to pay a bit more. The price will be determined by the weight of the package as well. If weight is from 1kg to 900kg and so for same day delivery it will cost you $10-$26, but for you have to know that they do not do large shipping such as 900kg in the same day.

Who does this?

            In Singapore there are tons of courier services that offer this, you just have to find the right one for you by comparing rates and so on. It won’t be that hard to find a service, they are everywhere.

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