Bashir Dawood

For free transplant surgery

In current trend, more number of health diseases is being a great threat for mankind. Some people may have sufficient funds to get a better treatment in the most reputed hospitals; while some people may not have good financial background to execute their treatment. And because of this their case may become worse and they may be pushed to face death within short span of time. Especially there are many people who are affected because of heart disease and many lack in funds in order to move for heart transplant.

SUIT Pakistan

Bashir Dawood

This is one of the most premier institutions which are well known for transplantation. The most fortunate and interesting thing over this institution is they offer transplantation without any kind of fees. To reveal the fact, many poor people are treated here with the transplantation surgery without any kind of charges. They have saved the lives of many people without any kind of expectation. It is to be noted that are many people who are highly interested in funding this institution. The contribution of Bashir Dawood is considered to be more important among them. He and his family are highly interested in spending a huge amount for the development and the treatment done through this institution. They have also funded a huge amount for the technology development of this medical institution. And they are also ready to fund a huge amount in future in order to help the needy people. Thus, any people who want to undergo the transplant surgery can approach this institution without any constraint.