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Has anyone ever thought of pranking and messing around with friends and family by lock screen? If yes, then the fake messaging app is perfect for them. One can trick their friends by showing them that they are receiving messages from their boyfriends, girlfriends, and even celebrities.  And though it is fun, this app could also help people get out of some emergency and awkward situations.

Some of the features of fake messaging apps are-

  1. Fooling friends and family members by creating fake text messages and conversations.
  2. Set the app on the lock screen.
  3. Show friends and family the celebrities’ one has been texting every day.
  4. One can customize the backgrounds and wallpapers from the gallery.
  5. Set the time and date of the fake message and when will it be displayed on the phone screen.
  6. Save and share those text messages and conversations on social media accounts to flaunt it to friends.

Which fake message app is best for you?

Fake message is an amazing app if one is looking to crack some jokes and fun with their friends and family.  It is used by almost 5 million users all across the world and is gaining more popularity.

Free Install Fake Messag

What are subscription options?

Fake Text Message app can be downloaded for free. Free Install the app anytime, anywhere. It has some preferable auto-renewing subscription options for stories.

Some subscribe to the app for free while others get a weekly subscription for the same. There are also monthly subscriptions as well as yearly subscriptions. The prices vary in different locations due to the currency value in their country.

After one has subscribed to the app and any one of the preferable options according to personal wishes, one can enjoy all the possible features of the app. Payment is generally made through with iTunes account at the time of the confirmation of the purchased subscriptions. All the payments are made online which makes the process easy and secure. The app is completely secure and protects the privacy and personal information of the user.

One must adhere to all the terms and conditions of the app. The app is made solely for entertainment purposes.

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