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Dating app help to arrange to date between two opposite sex people. According to our estimation, it is clear that 30% women more than man want long distance relationship which is known from the dating app Zoosk. 50% of the total users have a faith inthis long-term relationship. They believe that it really works. When we choose our partners from Facebook and Tinder i.e. any kind of social media, it is not necessary that he or she are from your locality, it probably far away you. But if the residential place will be another country then we face some problems.


When you and your partner live in different countries, think how many problem may arise? The 1stone is that it is very tough to maintain the long distance relationship due to lack of communication time differences, different friends zone. Not only that you just share your feelings via video chats in Skype, text messages via WhatsApp. At first, it solves your all problem. But very first you will be frustrated from this life due to lack of physical intimacy. You don’t communicate with your partner face to face that’s why you don’t understand his /her feelings are real or fake and vice versa. You also understand that he/she just flirts with you or they love you. But dating app solves this problem by informing the nearby singles in your locality and show you.


Recently online dating is very popular with the people. This industry gains the maximum popularity. According to the statistics, the total income of this site was $1389m in 2017. In future, probably in 2021, the annual growth rate will be 3.3%. The best new coming dating app is Gratis Dating App and Partnersuche liebe. Dating app has some kind of features they are enlisted below:

  • This dating app always fixes the meeting with nearby interesting people. They provide always the best match for you which help us to find perfect guys.
  • This app can create group meetings at the real or proper location.
  • It gives an opportunity to chat onwards after logging on this site.
  • It gives you a notificationwhen anyone views your profile, poke you etc.
  • This app seems to be well organized. Here we get the best interesting matches in our nearby location.
  • It is very safe and secure. We can see some security like block, turning off any message, location tracking etc.


Nowadays everybody uses this dating app randomly. Though it gives us free service. Dating is so much interesting. But we always aware of the drawbacks of dating.

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