Expert advice: how to choose a jean

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The jean is a classic that continues to gain prominence and is updated over the years. Ideal for the day, the weekend and even to attend events, at a small price, which always look splendid. Low rise, with elephant leg, straight, pre-washed, dark … In any of its forms we believe in this saving garment that can be reinvented in many ways. Therefore, it is worth taking into account some tips to start a good search. Click here for เสื้อ street.

Look at you

Take your anatomy into account. It’s essential. Always think what favors you: high, medium or low waist? A pacifier model or a wider one?

The pockets

They are a whole topic: Consider the following points:

1) Some may call them trendy, but jeans that have pockets deep down will make your tail look longer and not trendier. Visit this site for old skool แปล ว่า.

2) Those that are too big will make it endless, as well as the smallest ones or with imperceptible slits will only accentuate the disproportion.

The length

It is a fundamental issue. Shorts can be pacifiers but never Oxford. You also don’t have to puff where you are with the shoe unless the model is like that, puffed. Surely near your neighborhood there is a dressmaker who specializes in cutting them divinely.


We suggest dark ones for several reasons: they are less informal; they go with everything and they are perfect for the night. Dark jean is ideal for winter as we do not want our pale white to deceive with too light pants. Finally, because it is a classic that does not go out of style.


Notice that it is a firm fabric that holds you, that is an unmatched quality of jean. Be on the lookout for the odious little balls: out of sight of the saleswoman, scratch it with your finger and make sure it doesn’t. Jeans that have elastane or spandex fibers are ideal because they don’t stretch with use.

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