What Steps Can You Take To Avoid Nasal Congestion At Night?

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Nasal congestion at night can be a real pain. It can make it difficult to breathe, sleep, and just overall be comfortable. You can do a few things to help avoid this, though. This blog will introduce you to the steps you can take to get rid of nasal congestion at night.

What causes nasal congestion?

There are a few different ways that nasal congestion at night can occur. The most common cause is due to allergies or a cold. When your nose becomes congested, it is usually because the tissue lining your nose is swollen. This can be caused by inflamed blood vessels, excess mucus, or both.

Getting rid of nasal congestion

First, make sure to keep your head elevated when you sleep. This can be done by using pillows or propping up the head of your bed. This will help to keep drainage from going into your sinuses and causing congestion.

Second, try using a humidifier in your room. This will add moisture to the air and help to thin out the mucus in your nose. Just be sure to clean your humidifier regularly to avoid mold growth.

Third, use a saline spray or gel to help moisten your nose and clear any irritants.

Balms can help too!

There are a few things that can make nasal congestion worse at night. Balms can help with this by providing a barrier between your nose and the irritants that can cause congestion. This can help to reduce inflammation and help you to breathe more easily.

Following these steps can help you avoid nasal congestion at night and get better sleep.

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