Understanding the Advantages of Dry Needling

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The dry needling is quickly becoming quite popular among the people who go for the therapeutic treatments for getting relief from the muscle pain. The filiform needles are generally used to release the trigger points for the treatment of different medical conditions. Some are headache, muscle spasms, nerve pain, tennis elbow, and myofascial pain.

You might get a bit confused when you compare the dry needling Singapore with the acupuncture, however they are very different from one another in the terms function & rationale. It’s the western culture approach, while acupuncture is the Chinese or Asian medicinal tradition.

Understanding the Term

Term is used for defining non-injection needling. And in the injection needling, the hypodermic needles can be used for injecting the chemicals and other agents such as saline and anesthesia in the tissues of your specific body parts. Alternatively, in the dry needling this treatment will be conducted by using the needles that offer the therapeutic effects while directed in the tissues of your body. The fine filament needles that are similar to one used in the acupuncture can be used in the treatment.

How It Works?

The dry needling is one procedure where filament needles get inserted in person’s trigger points. The trigger points are generally located in the different muscles across the body & react to the specific body point. The muscles release any muscle tension when it is triggered by the needle, and helping to treat your pain you are feeling.

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