Is Swedish Massage Really Effective and Safe?

Furthermore, according to some of the sources consulted, the Swedish message also includes performing vibrations . These are manipulations performed by pressing the hand on a part of the body and making it vibrate rapidly; this type of movement should promote muscle relaxation .

Finally, remember that, in many cases, the masseur can add joint mobility exercises and passive stretching exercises to the different types of manipulations mentioned above , in order to complete the effects and increase the benefits of the Swedish massage spa in Denver.

How long does a Swedish massage session last?

Normally, a Swedish massage session lasts about 50-60 minutes after which you should feel a feeling of well-being and general relaxation.


Although the Swedish massage is not considered as a real therapy against ailments and diseases, there are several people who, after having experienced it, declare to benefit from it.

In fact, since it is a massage it is plausible that – if well performed by professional masseurs – it is able to promote psychophysical relaxation , to relieve small ailments (for example, muscle pains of various kinds, tensions, etc.) and to promote lymphatic and blood circulation .

However, the response to Swedish massage may not necessarily be the same in all people. Therefore, its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed in any individual and in any situation. Likewise, even the safety of this type of massage cannot be guaranteed in every person, especially if one suffers from particular diseases or disorders.


When Swedish Massage Doesn’t Have to Be Done

As with any other form of massage, Swedish massage also has some contraindications. More specifically, it must not be practiced on individuals who find themselves in one or more of the following situations:

Ongoing skin infections ( bacterial , viral or fungal);

Presence of open wounds, wounds not completely healed, burns or skin lesions of any kind;

Fever and ongoing systemic infections (for example, flu states );

Heart failure with edema of the lower limbs and / or the presence of cardiovascular diseases of any type;

Presence of inflammatory states ;

Presence of fractures ;

In case of recent contractures ;

In pregnancy (mothers-to-be should seek advice from their doctor before undergoing any type of massage).

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