Importance of a nurse in healthcare system:

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Healthcare is very important for every individual, society, country and the world. The health of an individual is maintained by the health care system which includes doctors and nurses. We all know that the doctors place an important role in the society and that too in the current situation. Without a doctor we can’t think of having a healthy and happy life. Apart from the doctor, nurse also plays an important role in the health care system. Nurse is the person who assists the doctors in all treatments. A nurse can also conducts some first aid in the absence of a doctor. There are many responsibilities and duties carried by a nurse in the healthcare system. We required a huge number of nurses even greater than the number of doctors. Complete history of the patient is taken by a nurse. The basic physical examination of the patient is also conducted by a nurse. A nurse completely listen to the patient needs and solve them if possible. Complete patient counseling is taken by the nurse. Simply nurses are considered as the life savers. Doctors generally are specifically specialized in an particular area or department, but a nurse is the only person who can coordinate everything in overall health of a patient. A specialized doctor requires a nurse for their work to get completed. The nurse will provide the complete care of the patient, explains the prescribed medicine and make a check that the patient is using it correctly or not. There is high requirement of nursing jobs in singapore. To apply for the nursing jobs, you should be a registered nurse and should obtain a nursing degree. A nurse should also pass an exam to satisfy other states licensing regulations.


Hope you got an idea on the functions carried out by a nurse.

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