Understanding What is a Data Media Safe

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The type of safe which is created to protect and safeguard data and media which are sensitive incorporating hard drives, computer media, CDs, and DVDs are data media safes. These offer protection from moisture and are fireproof. They are highlighted with the simple design as the safes of custom. The data media safes are present either in a small business or in a large-scale company for private utilization You can find different types of media safe models in the present market. It is important to pick one, so that it secures your sensitive media and data.

What are the highlights of a data media safe?

  • There are many types of data media safes in the recent market. They are produced to secure your delicate media and data such as hard drives or LTO tapes.
  • These safes are created with the option and key lock of either an electronic number or mechanical combination lock as it comes with a key lock.
  • The safe is incorporated with the inner box that has multi layers created specially from materials of anti-thermal. This is going to put the humidity below 85% and temperature below 65°C.
  • They are built in with double doors for preventing any outside steam, water, dust, or firefighting substances from entry.
  • They also offer fire protection for one or two hours.
  • The safes which is of best company are authorized by international authorities.

Thus, these are some of the best features of media safes of data.

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