How to use a metallic cut off saw

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According to the name, a metallic cut-off saw is a power tool that can cut hard materials especially metals. It is better than a mitre saw and for cutting it has a thin abrasive disc which is similar to that of a grinding wheel. As there are no teeth, it is possible for the cutting wheel to have a cutting motion that is constant and it does not get stuck. So it is perfectly suitable for tough materials such as iron, rebar, or steel pipe. Using a cut off machine you can easily build anything right from a decked-out shed or a letterbox.

Some things to consider while using a cut off machine:

Measure it: you should measure multiple times before you cut.

Place it: place the material opposed to the fence and then you are ready to cut.

Secure it: safety is most important, and if you are working with difficult materials then you should use it wisely to secure the working material before cutting.

Rev it: rev up the saw to its full speed before beginning to cut. You should remember to push down gently and then the saw will do the rest of the work for you.

Watch it: if you exert a lot of pressure then the dust will come from the blade. So you should back off and try after some time because the blade is getting wasted. If you are using it correctly then bright metal sparks would appear instead of dust.

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