How to fix the bra strap loop

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For women, the bra is one of the most important accessories that cannot be put aside. The significance of a bra can be felt only when there is an emergency situation. Most of the women can definitely relate and can remember the time when they regretted not wearing a bra for any specific dress. The bra is known to handle and create a shape that will stay for a long time. Also, it is crucial to buy high-quality products so that they can be used in multiple ways.

People predominantly face several issues with or without a bra. It is definitely frustrating when they are pushed to a situation where they have to learn on fixing the bra strap loop as they know that it is a long process. Still, people can do the fixing easily through simple steps. The main product they need is the bra holder. Let us see how it is done;

Starting with the process to fix the bra holder, the main materials needed are;

• Seam Ripper or Scissors.
• Needle.
• Thread.
• Hooks and eyes replacement packs.

The process:

  • The first step is to use the scissors and take the hem of the damaged hook and then remove it.
  • Next, a new hook should be inserted in the place of the old hook and do a seam on it.
  • Finally, the setup has to be checked so that the hook does not come off. If there is any correction, the whole process has to be repeated.

Many people have posted videos on the process. website has come up with blogs that help people through their interactive information. Bras are every woman’s necessity and they must know every tips and trick to managing any kind of unexpected situations. Repairing and recreating the same product will give a comfortable feel and people can be relieved on any occasion without having to worry about the bra.

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