Greenscreen Photobooth: The ultimate thing for your event! 

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Welcome to the magical world, in the complete sense of the word, of attraction from the movies and legends – a greenscreen photo booth stand.

Are you planning an event and looking for something different? 

Want an attraction to be talked about all evening and after? A greenscreen photobooth shot will upgrade your event and turn it into an evening full of magical experiences for your guests who will receive a unique souvenir.

It provides an innovative experience with the help of the technology available for all types of events throughout weddings, social events, business events, launch events.

The green screenshot stand (green screen) will be set up near the dance floor so that guests do not have to walk throughout the hall to reach it. It’s just like jumping, for a moment, into the fairytale world and getting right back on the dance floor.

Want to take a picture with the guys on the beach or the cover of a fashion magazine? With a green screenshot position, it is possible. You don’t have to go after a dashboard for a picture. You don’t have to wait at all because the magnet gets in 30 seconds!

So, what do you get at a green screenshot? 

A green screenshot stand is suitable as an attraction for a business event or a wedding. At the position you will receive:

  • Touchscreen photo stand.
  • Print a high-quality image on a thermal printer (Mitsubishi)
  • You choose the magnet size and image 10×15 or 10×7.5
  • A green screen (Chroma Key) with different computer backgrounds of your choice.
  • Get an image in 30 seconds.
  • Your gallery on social networks (with your consent, of course).

You Deserve a Special photo wall to choose From

In every event our photographic position is located, there is also a photographic wall that gives a spectacular effect of beauty to each image; enter to seize the entire photographic walls of the greenscreen photo booth.

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