What is fundamental analysis in digital currency?

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Fundamental analysis to determine the fair or internal value of an asset. At the same time, commercial indicators and macroeconomic data are analyzed. Fundamental analysis of the global economic context is also being used, and attempts are being made to bring out long-term price changes. Assets such as stocks, currencies, or commodities can be obtained on this course.

Fundamental analysis is of great importance for digital currency

If an extremely short duration is chosen for only 60 seconds, then fundamental analysis should not be taken into account. Choosing longer maturities often has a fundamental effect on stock price performance, especially in currency pair options such as EUR / USD with bitcoin news. The publication of economic data on the euro or US zone may partially cause extreme price fluctuations, which, of course, affects the digital currencyduring the term of the option. Financial publications about economic or political events, such as economic data, interest rates, statements by politicians or the European Central Bank, are published regularly.


These messages affect the development of stocks, commodities or currencies. Depending on the message, this prolongs either a positive or negative mood. Once a market opinion is formed, it is sold multiplied by market participants. This often leads to an increase in price movements.

With digital currency, an investor can limit his risk in volatile markets. But, in any case, it should be borne in mind that messages move markets, which, on the other hand, can also again bring about great commercial opportunities.

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