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Reducing your mistakes around green is the fastest way to reduce your results, and most of them start between your ears. The decisions you make when approaching the green can make putting the ball in the hole very easy or very difficult. Then, when you get closer to the green field, you will have even more solutions, and the more different shots you can run on a regular basis, the more tools you will have to work with.

For example, there are times when it would be better to perform a stroke and stroke, and in other cases a flop shot would be the best option. The way the ball lays on the grass or in the sand requires different types of punches. If you only have the “one size fits all” vaccine for every situation you face, its effectiveness will certainly be compromised.

But assuming you can take most of these shots, let’s look at some situations that you might encounter while playing:

Approaching a shot. When a shot is fired on a green background, most people shoot a pin. This is often a problem, especially when the pin is protected by traps, water or heavy objects. Even tourism professionals know that if they constantly shoot at the flagpole, sooner or later they will be in trouble. Shoot green, not a pin .

Golf Club Management

When to use the court and run. When you have a lot of green to work with and the green outline is quite predictable, it might be better to keep a low tone and let it roll toward your goal. Make the ball act as if you were putting it.

A shot from a balloon. This is a more difficult vaccine to control for most people, but if you learn how to control this vaccine, it will have many uses. Not only to throw the ball over the tasks and on the green field, but if the green outline is very wavy, it may be better to throw the ball directly onto the pin and stop it. In addition, in order to get out of a hard rough game, you may need to shoot the ball, which requires a stronger blow.


These are just a few ways to control the golf shots around the greenery. Part of the fun of golf is decision making, and the best golf course management companies provide us with such opportunities. These risk reward decisions make the course truly competitive, but smart decisions will be shown in our scorecard at the end of the round.

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