New Entry In The Logistics Business

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To build a world recognised brand, a company need to supply its goods and services all across the world. But is not feasible for a business to do everything on its own. Therefore, the transportation of goods is done by businesses in the logistics industry.

In the same logistics industry, a newcomer has arrived ‘j&t trucking‘. It is a new service started by an Indonesian expedition provider. It gaining initial popularity all over the world.

Its features are as follows:

  • How to check postage: You can check the prices of j&k by simply downloading their mobile application. In the mobile application, you need to provide them with the amount of load, dimensions, the weight of cargo and the type of cargo as well. Change the payment method to cash and you will be able to see the estimated rates.
  • Delivery time: The order process may take 3-10 hours to confirm. And the delivery should take place in 1-2 business days after the processing time.
  • Area of service: They cover nationwide shipments except for Papua.
  • Additional features: They provide door to door service. So that you don’t have to worry about transporting the goods to their office. They also provide a loading and unloading facility free of cost. Packaging and insurance facility is available on payment of additional fees. In addition, if any problem occurs customer service is available 24×7.


The j&k has gotten a good start in the logistics business. However, its pricing and delivery time are higher than its competitors.

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