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How to Find Out which Karate is Best for you

Karate is one of the most formal martial arts practiced today, along with taekwondo and aikido. Although most people know what to expect when they go to karate school, they usually don’t know what they want to achieve by doing karate.

The reason for learning karate depends a lot on your circumstances, and therefore you must choose the right karate school to achieve your goals. It is possible that you are looking for a way to protect yourself only in the event of an attack or if you are thinking about something else, such as a physical condition or character development.

Taking into account the common goals of various martial arts systems, experts identified five main areas of study of this form of martial arts:

  • Self defense
  • Physical fitness and well-being
  • Character development and trust.
  • discipline
  • Competitive preparation

Self-defense is probably the main reason why people learn karate. This factor is also associated with the development of trust, because if we know that we have the opportunity to protect ourselves in a dangerous situation, we feel safe.

Physical fitness is another common reason for many people who want to learn karate. Although this goal is a little confusing, because several karate teachers will tell you that you should not expect to regain your fitness or be in good physical shape while learning karate, but you should already be able to practice karate.

karate cicero nyHowever, this can be considered an important goal, since karate cicero ny certainly provides physical benefits. Most karate schools also teach other attributes such as discipline, focus, character development, dignity, and coordination.

When you practice karate, you automatically learn to humble and respect your opponent. Karate does not teach and should not teach you to develop an aggressive attitude towards others. In fact, this type of martial arts should make you a man standing on his feet, who shows respect for others and leads a disciplined life.

Karate not only develops character, but also makes a person safe and confident. If you are shy and shy, then karate will change you. Remember that karate is not an aerobic exercise, but it can be supplemented with exercises such as running, cycling, jogging, etc.


Last but not least, competitive training is another reason that attracts many people to karate school. Many karate teachers will not teach you how to compete or learn karate simply because you want to outshine someone. This goes against the principles of this martial arts style, but many schools nonetheless work on developing skills.