The Not So Sparkly State of Jewelry Retail Shops

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In this fast-paced, high-technology digital era, jewelers around the world are being challenged on how to keep up with the trend, yet still, keep the timelessness of their craft.

In pre-historic times, jewelry is made simply with just colorful stones, feathers or anything that looks beautiful in the eyes of our ancestor. In fact, the oldest jewelry was a 25,000-year-old necklace made of fish bones.

As time passes by, men became aware of precious stones and metals and began adding them to create jewelry pieces. The most common jewelry items are necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings which basically worn by the women population.

By adding more expensive metals jewelry is no longer just an adornments, it denotes status. And even until now, having a collection of luxury pieces signifies a person’s power, wealth and influence in the society.

Nonetheless, it is hard to ignore the impact of new technology in this industry when jewelers are closing down their stores one after another in the past decade.

Fight against Giants:        

In the competition of retail jewelry shops, the main reason for this is that most popular brands they cater to has become their competition as well, thanks to the internet. Even shops who are strategically located high-end neighborhood like Palm Springs, still it doesn’t give much of an advantage to the palm springs jeweler for obvious reasons.

The Buying generation: 

For the tech-savvy and digital generation, the trend to purchase luxury jewelry is quite unpredictable as well.

Moreover, consumer nowadays are well informed already. Gone are the days when customers rely on the sellers’ knowledge. And given the fact that sales associate are seen as biased, consumers tend to trust their research results more.

However, when it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, it is important to consult an expert to avoid making an expensive mistake.

Especially now that the millennial generation are on their way towards the marriage phase, and it seems that they crave the authenticity when it comes to huge purchases.

Just keep a steady pace. 

Given the situations above, jewelry retail shops are still striving in order to compete. One example, is to give extra services like repairs and personalization of the jewelry.

Furthermore, jewelry is worn not just to show off, but to match style and taste as well.  And because fashion caters both men and women, so does the use of jewelry. All they have to do is to keep up the pace.

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